8 sustainability musts for marketers


  1. Get to grips with the biggest strategic issue for marketers in the future, to avoid impeding your career.
  2. Start working with internal and external sustainability/CSR practitioners to understand the subject and begin to demonstrate the key role that marketing needs to play.
  3. Begin to acquire the skill set needed to play a key role in the organization’s development of a sustainability strategy.
  4. Understand your supply chain – and the opportunities and threats that it represents.
  5. Work with your colleagues to ensure that your organization is not one of those being left behind.
  6. Be part of the strategic process that places sustainability at the heart of the organization, rather than in tactical, peripheral activity.
  7. Use the classic marketing tools to help develop a viable long-term sustainability strategy.
  8. Learn how to integrate sustainability into the brand’s positioning and propositions appropriately.

(Image credit: donskarpo / 123RF Stock Photo)

About David Whiting

I help organizations to create competitive advantage, build brands and develop new opportunities, in particular by aligning sustainability understanding with customer insights
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